Judy Sutton Taylor is an editor and writer with more than two decades of experience in print and online media, guidebook publishing and creative writing.

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20150902190100 jimmy odom wedeliver cofounder article

What to Do When Your Funding Vanishes

Enthusiastic public announcements aside, sometimes the check doesn't arrive as promised. So put down that champagne and heed the advice of entrepreneurs who've dealt with the disappointment of disappearing capital....

20151030145814 shaving razor grooming barber cream male trim article

This Shaving Strop Makes Razors Last Longer

A part-time singer's company provides a stylish way to save money...

20150804191429 adventures analog cw pencil article

How a New York Storefront Points Out the Joy of the Pencil

CW Pencil has the write stuff....

Open uri20131103 6233 1t8aoo1 article

College Entrepreneur Creates App to Sync Music With Running Speed

Michigan State University students created TempoRun, an app that helps users run at their ideal pace by categorizing the music...

Open uri20131103 6233 bc7qds article

4 Tips for Launching Your Fashion Company

A veteran clothing designer gives custom advice to fashion 'treps....

Open uri20130525 7543 18pj8pr article

These Entrepreneurs Fought the Law. . . And Won. | Entrepreneur.com

From zoning ordinances to quirky local statutes, legal issues can slow down a launch or expansion. Some entrepreneurs take matters into their own hands.

Open uri20130525 7543 1llzb62 article

A Beer Veteran Tries His Hand at Cider | Entrepreneur.com

Brewmaster Gregory Hall brings 'advanced' cider to the U.S.

Open uri20130525 7543 1n0i1c3 article

A Startup Aims to Fill a Hole in the Housekeeping Market ...

A trio of ad execs launches a line of air fresheners for modern men.

Open uri20130525 12130 1ey126c article

How a Leather Designer Keeps Musicians Traveling in Style ...

Ryan Barr, founder of WhippingPost.com, makes durable leather goods for musicians, including a

Open uri20140319 27360 1kxiwct article

Page 5 New Business Ideas & Trends To Start A Business

Page 5 Startup business ideas from entrepreneurs to help start your business. New, home based, retail, and low cost ideas for hundreds of business......

Open uri20140528 17956 9a8lu1 article

Page 4 Apps & Software

Page 4 Learn about the latest technology trends for entrepreneurs, from software advances to smartphone and tablet apps, which can help run and grow your......

Open uri20140528 17956 19qkjfu article

Page 7 Business Ideas to Help Start a Small Business

Page 7 Check out these home based, internet based, retail, and low cost business ideas for startup entrepreneurs and small business owners....

Open uri20140528 17956 bgyh3k article

Page 6 Small Business Success Stories & Strategies

Page 6 Success stories from entrepreneurs, strategies used to start their business, and how it became a success....

1406927024 entrepreneur 2014 og article

Page 7 Small Business Success Stories & Strategies

Page 7 Success stories from entrepreneurs, strategies used to start their business, and how it became a success....

1406927024 entrepreneur 2014 og article

Entrepreneur Magazine | May 2012

Featured articles from the May 2012 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. Full archived issues of the top business magazine from Entrepreneur....